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RENEWING the BODY by RESTORING the LIMBS is what we do!

Welcome to Renewal Rehabilitation Center!

Renewal Rehabilitation Center, LLC is an outpatient physical therapy practice, located in Saint George, South Carolina. We provide conservative treatment measures that will allow patients to regain function through strengthening, modality, education, and individualized home management programs. Renewing and restoring the body is given through hands on therapy and education.

Welcome to Renewal Rehabilitation Center!

To provide therapy services by treating the whole you with compassion through quality care with a smile.

The core benefit of physical therapy is to regain strength and increase range of motion, which decreases pain allowing the ability to complete normal activities and improve quality of life.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Improve Mobility

Women's Health

Prosthetic Training

Individualized Exercise Program

Do you have Leaky Faucets?!

Do you experience loss of bladder control? Do you have an intense urge to urinate? Have you limited activities because you are too afraid to go out because of leakage? If you answered yes to any of these questions you most likely are experiencing Urinary Incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a symptom not a disease! You’re not alone. 1 in 3 women experience loss of bladder control. Yes, more women experience urinary leaks than discussed.

We Can Help

Don’t waste another minute, visit our Women’s Health page to learn more about treatment options, and how we can help you reduce or eliminate the symptoms causing your urine leaks.

Get Help Now and Improve Your Quality of Life!

Strengthening Core Stabilization

Are you experiencing recurring back pain due to an injury, sprain, or strain?  Strengthening your core muscles can improve your mobility and may alleviate the pain. Core stabilization is also beneficial for improving  balance. We can provide treatment with Individualized Exercise Programs developed per person based on ability,

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